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Texas Product Liability Attorneys: Enforcement of manufacturers’ legal accountability to consumers helps make products safer and better for all of us. With the influx of questionable products from Chinese manufacturers, the difficulty and complexity of products liability lawsuits has grown. Merely finding and serving papers upon the Chinese manufacturer of a product purchased at Wal-Mart is quite difficult.

Texas law stipulates a manufacturer may be liable for injury or death caused by a defective product under three separate legal theories.

Negligence: A manufacturer may be liable for injury or death caused by failure to exercise ordinary care in any of several ways, including the following:

  • Negligent design.
  • Failure to adequately test and inspect.
  • Failure to provide adequate instructions, warnings and labels.
  • Failure to issue an adequate recall notice.
  • Strict Liability. If a product is defective, the manufacturer may be held liable for resulting injury or damage, even without proof of negligence.

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