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Boating collisions account for far too many injuries and fatalities in Texas each year. This is especially true in communities like South Padre Island, Texas, which are on the gulf and have many boaters. Whether you were involved in a recreational boat accident or a family member died working on a boat or barge anywhere in South Texas from Brownsville to South Padre Island to Los Fresnos, the Villarreal Law Firm is here to help. Our boat accident attorneys offer compassionate, experienced, and supportive representation to families who are piecing their lives together after a serious or fatal boat accident. Contact us for caring legal advice and advocacy.


The Villarreal Law Firm represents boat accident victims and their families in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits arising from various types of watercraft accidents, such as:


  • Boating collisions
  • Speedboat wrecks
  • Jet Ski accidents
  • Barge accidents
  • Personal watercraft accident


Boating collision injuries are frequently caused by other boaters who are intoxicated and collide with swimmers or other boats, boats that collide with rafts or docks, young boat operators that are driving without proper supervision, defective parts, and many other factors. The Villarreal Law Firm is committed to getting to the bottom of what happened.


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Lakes, rivers, and Gulf Coast waters are dangerous elements. Tides and currents are unpredictable. In many cases, it is not the accident or collision that causes injury or death, but rather what happens after the accident that causes the real damage. People are pulled under by the current and suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen or worse — they drown. People jumping into the water to escape a boat fire may dive into shallow water and suffer spinal cord injury. Or, accident survivors don’t flee the area fast enough and are too close when the engine explodes — resulting in burn injuries or death.


The boating accident attorneys at the Villarreal Law Firm use our skills and resources to properly investigate the cause of the accident as well as the injuries so that we can properly determine liability. As a result, we are capable of recovering rightful compensation on our client’s behalf. Call us today for your free consultation; 956-544-4444


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Boat Accidents
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