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Does someone close to you suffer from traumatic cerebral injury? A Texas brain injury attorney at the Villarreal Law Firm can help you receive the compensation you or your loved one deserves. Let our qualified Texas attorneys assist you with their knowledge and experience. Brain injuries are traumatic, obviously so, but the laws in Texas are complex and you need a personal injury lawyer who specializes in brain injuries.

Thousands of people are diagnosed with cerebral injuries every year in America. Although the injuries occur because of various circumstances, the emotional and physical distress remains similar. Even the slightest of cerebral injuries can disrupt a person’s life permanently.

Common brain injury accidents:

  • Diagnostic errors
  • Drug overdose
  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Sports injuries
  • Surgical errors

Cerebral injuries are always difficult to endure because of the long adjustment periods involved. Medical expenses can easily pile up with prescription medications, rehabilitation, and doctor visits.

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Brain Injury
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