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Premises Liability involves a complex body of laws governing liability for injuries that occur while on the premises of another. In general, the person(s) or entity in possession of land and any structures on that land must exercise reasonable care to provide for the safety of others on the premises. The laws vary from state to state with liability being determined by several factors. If you or a loved one have been injured in Texas and believe that you may have a premises liability claim, it is imperative that you seek counsel from a Texas premises liability attorney. We have helped numerous individuals obtain compensation for injuries sustained due to the negligence of the person or entity in possession of the premises where the injury occurred.

Causes for Premises Liability

Slip and fall injury is one of the most common causes of premises liability claims. Others include:

  • Poorly maintained structures such as rotting floors, loose steps and falling objects from ceilings , upper stories and roofs
  • Failure to maintain certain public pathways through a property including sidewalks
  • Animal attacks
  • Drowning
  • Faulty wiring resulting in fire, electric shock or death

Premises liability determination may seem simple, but mitigating factors may exist. Did the property owner exercise reasonable caution? For instance, were hazards clearly marked or access limited? Was the owner aware of the hazard? Was the injured party invited or were they trespassing? Only an experienced premises liability attorney can evaluate the claim and make the proper assessments.

Seek a Consultation from a Personal Injury Attorney

Premises liability injuries can be catastrophic. Slip and fall victims may have sustained broken bones, internal injuries, spinal cord damage, brain injury and sometimes death. Other premises liability injuries lead to burns, permanent scarring, and emotional trauma. The monetary losses are often overwhelming including lost wages, medical expenses and inability to provide for self or family. The Villarreal Law Firm can get you the help you need.

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Premises Liability
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