Local Law Firm Recovers Millions for RGV clients

While other law firms boast having recovered millions for clients in Texas, our Law Firm can boast having recovered million for clients that actually live in the RGV.

The Law Office of Javier Villarreal is a RGV based Law Firm with strong ties to the community.

What does having “strong ties to the community” mean for my case ?

Having strong ties to the community translates into better case handling.

Imagine that you go on a vacation to a place you have never been and you have the choice of either hiring a foreign taxi driver or hiring a local resident to drive you around. Who’s most likely to give you a better experience?

Similarly, our Law Firm specializes in handling cases in the RGV. This is true to the extent that when out-of-town lawyers (i.e. Houston/San Antonio) sign-up an RGV client, we often get asked to help them handle the case because of our local ties.

What can I expect from a RGV based Law Firm versus an Out-of-Town Law Firm ?

Law Offices customarily have the majority of their employees working out of their “principal office.” Our Law Firm is physically based in the RGV. This means that when you walk into our office you will literally see the hustle and bustle of paralegal and lawyers at work. You will be greeted by several bilingual employees and you will probably see other clients in our lobby. What does this mean? This means that we have the people, on hand, to serve you. It also means that you will have immediate access to the paralegals and the lawyers that are handling your case. Service at our law firm is NOT “by appointment only” because we don’t have to travel “down to the Valley” to see you.

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Walk into our office and ask to talk to Attorney Javier Villarreal or one of the lawyers on staff. We guarantee you will talk to a lawyers on the spot or within a few hours (as soon as one gets back from either a hearing or deposition).

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Javier Villarreal

Javier Villarreal

Attorney At Law

Javier Villarreal received his bachelors degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA in 1995. He then continued his education at Tulane School of Law where he obtained his Juris Doctors in 1998.
Upon graduation, he went on to serve as a Briefing Attorney for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. In 2001 Javier opened his private practice in Brownsville, Texas and developed his plaintiff personal injury practice.
He is licensed to practice law in both the State of Texas and the State of Arizona.

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Local Law Firm Recovers Millions for RGV clients
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